Wireless UpLights

Imagine operating 1 light or 300 in the same room or in 10 different rooms, all at the same time or in different groups, all controlled from a single hand held controller up to 400 feet away with NO wiring, NO electric outlets and “NO heat from the fixture” Wireless LED “cool” lighting. Prior to about 2007, the only lighting for weddings or formal affairs in hotel ballrooms or banquet halls were the chandeliers mounted in the ceilings and the stage lights for the band or DJ. Things have changed for the better since then. Now we have Wireless UP LIGHTING…!!

Wireless Up Lighting is simply a light fixture sitting on the floor, next to the wall and pointing up against the wall. The light fixture projects a colored beam against the wall that gets wider as it gets higher. Wireless Up Lighting can be as simple as one light fixture or as elaborate as a 1000 light fixtures and a controller that makes them slowly change colors to the music or time. It can be as subtle as the sunset or as dramatic as a tornado. It’s all to you.

Now with Wireless Up Lighting, we have the ability to create a multitude of colors on each fixture as well as having them all change colors together or in sequence and brighten or dim as you desire. Whatever the special occasion these portable, totally wireless, remote controlled fixtures, will give you hours of brilliant dancing light on walls, tables, columns or cubes to make the event memorable.

Color elicits emotions and responses. !!! Attendees and guests are always aware, even subconsciously, of the lighting. ” Wireless Up Lighting” is the easiest way to accent with colors.

All Of The Wireless UpLights Are Made in America.

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