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American DJ LED Lights are a key component in the arsenal that can add that extra touch and flair to any event. Taking the party to the next level of extreme rock star energy at your celebration or just simply adding a little color to any formal affair is quite easy with these fixtures. Make sure to ask about all the lighting and special fx available for your upcoming event.

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Five Quick Tips For A Successful Wedding Reception

1.Toast. Please Keep It Simple, The Short & Sweet Toasts Are Always The Most Remembered. Keep the amount of toast givers down to less than 4 and make sure they keep their speeches to less than 5 mins. Your Guests want to eat, drink & dance in that order not sit around and hear about your childhood for an hour….Save that for the rehearsal dinner.

2.Try to hire a photographer that will do advance work, or is good at action pics. Don’t get kidnapped by your photographer and miss half of your own wedding reception in the hallway posing for many pics you may never want to buy later. This goes for family pics as well, moving half the guests out of the room for pics after the drinking and dancing has begun is a disaster, try to avoid it.

3.The party is where the Bride & Groom are. If they spend the night outside smoking, by the bar drinking or in the bathroom fixing make-up, chances are that’s where the majority of the guests will also be. If you want a packed dance floor then try to spend a good amount of time dancing, family & friends will follow the Bride & Groom’s lead.

4.Where to place your Bar & DJ? How Big Should The Dance Floor Be?
Bar Placement: Placing your bar outside the ballroom will be a gathering spot for your guests. Bars are like Kitchens, they draw people to them. This will cause your dancing guests to leave the floor.

DJ Placement: Try to place your DJ as close to the dance floor as possible & try not to place tables inbetween the DJ & the dance floor. The dance floor is the area the DJ needs to watch closely throughout the event. It only makes sense to keep them close.

Dance Floor Size: A small dance floor is better than one that is too big. This creates the illusion that the dance floor is full. People are more willing to dance when the floor looks dense.

5.Avoid seating the older guests in the immediate dancing area. This will prevent complaints about the music volume. The younger guests usually enjoy dancing and loud music as well as great lighting effects. While typically the older guests enjoy talking with family and friends. If you seat the younger guests closest to the dance floor and the older guests a little bit further back, everyone should be able to enjoy themselves equally without complaints.