Weddings Services Available:

Ceremony PA & Music Package.

This package includes a complete sound system which will provide all the desired music for a 1 hour ceremony. Usually, 20 minutes of prelude music while the guest arrive, then 30 minutes of the actual ceremony and 10 minutes after the ceremony has finished, while the guest exit. This package also includes a wireless microphone for the officiant. This will insure that all the guest can hear every word spoken by the officiant, bride & groom. This package is available for locations where electrical power is supplied. A portable silent power supply unit is available for locations that do not supply electrical power.

Ceremony PA Only Package.

This package includes a complete pa system with a wireless microphone for a 1 hour ceremony. This is available for ceremonies where the bride & groom strictly want the guest to hear every spoken word, and have made other arrangements for the ceremony music. This package is also available for brides & grooms that may desire to have a live musical ensemble amplified at locations where electrical power is supplied. A portable silent power supply unit is also available for locations that do not have electrical power.

Wedding Reception Package.

I, DJ AL Garcia am totally committed to insuring that my customers receive the wedding reception of their dreams. It is an honor to be a part of a person’s wedding day, and that is the DJ philosophy that I employ at every event.

I understand the stress of planning a wedding, and I am dedicated to making it a very simple process with unlimited consultations. This allows my customers the flexibility and ease to custom design their introductions, announcements, activities, presentations, and music at their event. My extensive experience with the coordination of event details keeps the planning process uncomplicated. My open communication with all the other vendors helps insure an even and seamless flow throughout the entire event.

A superior sound system with high energy lighting effects and excellent music choices along with a sincere belief that my customers are the only stars in the room guarantees a brilliant combination for a successful celebration.

Wedding Consultations

I would love the opportunity to sit down and meet with you prior to booking. In fact, I highly recommend it! Coffee Consultations are a great way for you to get to know me on a personal level and that’s what I’m all about! I believe that building personal relationships with my clients is essential for delivering unsurpassed entertainment. Think about it, without me ever knowing you, there’s no guarantee I’ll ever be able to deliver what you want.

During this consultation we’ll also talk about the specific goals and expectations you desire from your DJ. I’ll listen carefully and offer anysuggestions that will help us attain those goals. It’s relaxed and fun!

Some topics we’ll cover during our consultation

  • Goals/Expectations for your receptions.
  • Previous wedding experiences. (Good or Bad Ones)
  • Desired moods (Fun, Classy, Modern, Upbeat, Elegant).
  • Desired music, lighting, special fx etc.
  • Online Planning (What is it, How Does it Work)
  • Expectations you have for your DJ.
  • Packages & Prices

What my consultations are NOT!

  • Confrontational sales meetings to get you to book.
  • Me telling you what you need!
  • Me Talking while You listen.
  • Longer than 1-hour.
  • Me telling you how I’m better than everyone else.

Call today 941-822-1222 to setup your FREE no obligation wedding consultation. I’ll do my best to find a local Starbucks, Panera Bread or other coffee house near you so you won’t have to travel far. It’s the least I can do. Call today! I look forward to chatting with you.