08 Jan 2012

Another Awesome New Year’s Eve @ The Polo Grill

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A Great Big Shout Out To Tommy & Jaime Klauber The Owners @ The Polo Grill & Bar. A Fine Eatery & Drinking Establishment In Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, Florida. Thanks For Always Making Me Feel Welcomed In Your Lovely Place Of  Business……….The Night Started Out A Little Slow, Compared To Prior Years That I’ve Played New Year’s Eve There. I Even Made That Remark To Tommy (The Owner) To Which He Replied ” Don’t Worry Al Soon Enough It Will Be Mobbed & You’ll Be Swiping The Floor With Them” It’s Kool When The Owner Has 100% Trust & Confidence In Your Skillz & Ability To Do Your Job,,,,,,,That Was All I Needed To Hear To Know I Would Rock The House That Night…..AND I DID 🙂

So It Seems Like All Of A Sudden The Place Was Jammed With People & The Dance Floor Was Off  To The Races..!! Ok So We’re All Groovin To Some Commercial Top 40 Dance Music Up Till The Ever So Popular Midnight Countdown…10,9, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1……….———-> HAPPY NEW YEAR It’s 2012..!!!!!!!!!!! Oh Wait I Almost Forgot, Right Before The Clock Strikes Midnight I Get A Very Well Dressed Seasoned Citizen Who Approaches Me And Asks “Are You Going To Play A Slow Dance?” I Smiled & Replied NOT TONIGHT & NOT FOR THIS CROWD…..At Which She Replies But All Your Playing Is This Techno Stuff…..?????? Techno Stuff, REALLY??  FYI….. LMFAO Party Rock Anthem Was Playing At The Time, So I Says, Actually Mam’ This Is Top 40 Not Techno,,,,,,So She Says,,,,,But Nobody Likes This Stuff,,,,,,Meanwhile The Dance Floor Is Packed To The Gills,,,,,I Just Had To Laugh & Pointed To The PACKED Dance Floor & Replied Somebody Forgot To Tell Them 🙂

So Now It’s After Midnight & They’re Like Little Puppies In My Hand, I Can Either Pet & Caress Them Or I Can Just Slam Them Against The Wall,,, I Decided To Pet & Caress Them ;-p

So Here We Go I Turn Around And Hit Them With The Barry White,,,,,,I Can Hear The Screams All The Way From The Kitchen It Seems,,,I Continued Into The Wee Hours With Some Delicious Classics They Ate It All Up………What An Awesome Way To Kick Off  The New Year, Best Natural High On Earth….DJing It Is An Artform……..A Big Shout Out To The Professional Staff At The Polo Grill For Helping Me Turn A New Years Eve Into A Slamming Party…….I’m Out,,,,,,,,DJ AL GOGO GARCIA

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